Friday, March 9, 2012

Breathing in freedom, For a while!

Not a totally freedom, it's just the first exam for this year. Long way to go. Sigh :/
Well SPM is near, i'm like freakin' scared now. SPM, it's not a joke it's like a nightmare. Haha, k i'm just kidding. Well SPM is like there's two way to choose. One way to success, one more way to failure. Well this first exam is over. Breathing in freedom cause exam is over. Wait! That freedom is like just for 5 minutes. For another 6 months. It's like for me to read, study, memorizing and do extra work. It's like study my ass off. Well, I want to be a lawyer. Living in good life. Oh, lawyer? It's a big job that i'm going to deal in my life. Some people says that being a lawyer it's like one step to hell. But wait! All kindda job is one step to hell. Like open a hotel, people do bad things at your hotel. You're the one who's going to hell too. Open a business there's lies on business. Hell you go. So every job have their own way to handle it. So bla3. I'm free from the first exam and so happy with it. There's lots more to go. Study time. To those who's their exam is over. Well peeps, tons more to go! Life is short, Make it worth it!  I'm off! Assalamualaikum :)

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