Monday, March 12, 2012

About perfect

I ain't nice nor perfect. Mistakes? I do it most of the time. Learn from it? Yeah, sometimes. I may not be beautiful to other people eyes. But I might look beautiful to other people eyes. There's many description all over me. Well, critics , haters, complainers and etc are everywhere. Good critics are acceptable. Doesn't make sence of critics? Well, its a joke. I'm living in a reality life. Not a fairytale life which i can make my own story out from it. Going to the past ain't gonna happen. Going forward is what happening now. 17 years old of living in this world. Still can be categories as don't know how outside world is. I grew up in a family which my parents make not to be so socialize , they teach me more to stay at home. Read books and watching TV. If you guys ask me which life is funner? I'll answer. Staying at home, do my own work and spending time with family. As I realize, my parents are getting older and so do I. I do hang out with my friends but I am more to my family. Being socialize is not my thing. I can be your friend. But I'm a choosing type. I'm not a person who's randomly friend with someone. I keep on putting a smile upon my face. Dude, one smile thousand meanings. I have happy, sad, loving life. So do you guys too. I'm not perfect! I'm not the super duper rich daughter. I'm not the super thinker. I'm not the miss diva. I'm not the boss. I'm not the pretty pop out princess and etc. I'm just an ordinary girl living in what I can say as perfect life but not perfect self. I have handsome dad which is a businessman. I have a beautiful mother which work as a Assistance vice president, corporate communication and part time lecture. 4 handsome brothers even we keep on fighting. One small sister which my bestfriend that I love. A ordinary family. A nice house, nice life. I love it. So people! I don't care what you're gonna say about me. I don't live in a perfect life and so do you! Judging people this and that. People can do the same too. What goes around comes around. No one perfect. Make mistakes, learn from it. That's all. Assalamualaikum :)