Monday, March 5, 2012


It was raining outside, you've been gone for so long. I'm dying here inside, can't take no more. Wanna you here now. Seems to be far away now, the internet and the phone helps us keep on track. Having two different of life, but one heart together. Life is hard, but you make it easier. Life is fun, you make it funner. Life is short, you make it worth it. Life need love, and it's you giving it. Don't you remember the moment we went and eat together, fight about something funny, laughing together, window shopping together, the moment we scared with each other. There's too much drama. But drama that make us happy. The song you use to sang to me before, oh ya. It still on my mind. Every month and and every year of our anniversary , it's a must that we wish to each other. We make our own song using lame lyrics and laugh about it. We ignore each other sometimes but it can't last a week and can't even last one day. Just a few hours. The moment we met and talk about our future like we had a clue. Life goes on. We both want the best for each other. Strive the best in life for our own good which will help us each other in the future. May we be on track and our love last long. I love you.

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