Thursday, February 9, 2012

Famous Blogger.

Hello apa khabar semua. Nama saya Ainaa Atirah . Lol, i don't even need to introduce myself actually.
Famous blogger? Well there's like tons of famous blogger now days and they reach more than 1000 followers and that's amazing. They're loyal readers who keep on following their updates. Being famous doesn't mean you need to be someone else to make you famous. Just be yourself, enjoy being yourself. People don't like other people be like other people. Get it peeps? haha. Okay lah. Famous blogger, for perempuansss only okay nak cerita. Haha. Budak "HOT" selalunya bukan dari kalangan wanita bertudung. Jadi "FAMOUS" di internet juga selalunya bukan dari kalangan wanita bertudung. Tetapi sekarang as you guys can see la kan. The beautiful Hijab's ladies are taking this universe. Mwahahaha! Evil laugh yang tak menjadi. Well for me, my opinion lah. This beautiful Hijab people being famous can be in the right way. Okay , they will be an inspiration for someone and that someone is not even a Hijab girl. She start to have an Hijab girl as their idol and they try to be like their idol. Contoh diorang menutup aurat and diorang pun nak ikut sekali. Walaupun dalam keadaan nak ikut trend or something , InsyaAllah benda tu menjadi Ikhlas. The Hijabers mainkan peranan penting. Share good stuff, be fashionable by covering the aurat and etc. Famous blogger juga maybe asal dari tutorial or IDK. I don't even know how they can be famous? Macam mana? I don't know. I am one of the person who making them famous as I inspired by them. Haha. Okay this are SOME of the famous blogger. Gonna give you their link too, okay.

Maria Elena. 
She's like so cool. Macam being herself. Buat apa nak malu. Asyik nak control ayu je also cannot lah okay? Be yourself and it's cool. haha

Fatin Liyana
She's fashionable,cute and kawaii. Okay cute dengan kawaii sama je. Haha.

Fyka Mohamed.
She's tall, slim and cute. see her face. Hah.

Syeera Radzi'
She's 17, so cute2. Haha. Banyak doh tutorial and video dia kat youtube. Go and search! Go, go!

Anis Syafira.
Cute, unique. I don't know. But there's something about her :D

Okay that's all peeps for tonight. Assalamualaikum and goodnight. Sleep tight , don't let the bugs bite :D

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