Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello peeps :)
How are you guys doing. Okay? Good! Kalau tak okay please pergi okay kan diri! Lol.
Exam is near. It will be held on March 5th and I don't know why am I so exited for it. Exited sangat nanti fail menangis kecewa bla3. Haha. Okay memang tak ready lagi for exam ni. Walaupun ujian bulanan. Still penting. I'm in form 5.SPM early November and then I'm free.
Aloo, why school end so fast? I can feel it. So sad! Well I'm getting older. Oh wait! I'm forever young. Haha. Okay done with my update. Gonna go and study now. Bye peeps. Salam. Nights :)

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