Friday, September 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum dan what's up

Well, I have to say that I believe in Fairy tales. Like seriously, even tough it's sounds childish. If I think about it, It is something wonderful and amazing. Oh I also believe in true love. I believe there's  a man out there for me what I can call it as Mr.Right. But actually, NOW I do have my own Mr.Right. You know in Fairy tales movie, lots of it. The girl or the boy need to be trough lots of pain and sadness. Like a love story too. You ain't get everything that you want. In a Fairy tales there is also haters as like they don't like you and try to make your life worst but actually they done a good job! But at last bad things happen in a opposite which bad things will go back to them and you actually achieve your dream. What I call as HAPPY ENDING. In love or a relationship, both will do lots of mistakes. By their mistakes they learn from it. It's not fair for the one who make the mistakes . They deserve second chance cause not by their mistakes, they won't learn from it. Like my relationship now, I am one of the girl who have the happiest relationship before. But now it's like I can't stand by my two feet as my relationship is not happy like before. You can see like I'm a broken heart girl. BUT WAIT! In this drama. I am happy. From his mistakes, he learn from it. He regret and gave me lots of promises.  It's to early for me to believe, but I can see how he change already that makes me getting happier everyday :) I know that my relationship will be the same ol' same ol' relationship before. No matter what, I love you <3

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