Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm empty :/

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps :)

I'm used to have a colouful life. Full of happiness. Even though there's sadness, I know that i'm gonna be fine which there will be someone to cheer me up. But now I'm empty. I'm heartless, I'm fearless, I'm nothing. I don't know what I feel and I don't know what I want. It used to be wonderful and full of colours. But, now it's empty and there's nothing interesting. I kept it all to be silence which will no one know. I kept it to myself, so no one feel how I felt. Revenge is nothing , hating is wasting time, crying is regretting , smiling is faking. You see now. I may be have this uncontrol mood which I'll be sad and happy in the same time, feeling useless, and else. It seems that my happiness just vanished away. But I believe. In every relationship, in every problem. There's a way to solve it. There's lots of people hurts me but people deserve a second chance as long as they realize their mistakes and regret it. Yes, It's very easy to hurt someone and then say "sorry". But it's very difficult to get hurt and say, "I'm fine". My relationship, my decision and my way to role it. People break up all the time,mainly for the wrong  reasons.They let the smallest things tear apart something so beautiful. Only you know what's right for yourself,you have the power, you make the choices and you learn. You gave me promises and now I kept it. I know you'll change and it takes time. I'll wait for you to full fill your promises and and my emptiness will be full of COLOURS  again. I'll wait :)

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