Thursday, June 23, 2011

This lately

Assalamualaikum :)

Hello and what's up people? 
Okay see the picture above? Yeah, cerita pasal STUDY. I am one of the laziest girl in the world who don't like to study. :p
I'm just a lazy girl who love to sleep , eat and make myself fat and sexy. LOL
This lately, unbelievable that I actually studying by myself without feeling like "Oh darn! I'm bored. Online time". and....... No books . haha
So yes, I'm the one who love to waste my time for something that can make me fail for my exam. Cool aite? Then my parent's gonna start to nag. Haha.
So sekarang ni memang rajin lah juga nak dibandingkan dulu. Dulu, ish3. Buku langsung tak bukak. Kalau dah boring online so tidur jelah. Buku pon tak tengok. Ish3 :p
Then, sekarang like AMAZING lah kan belajar. Haha. Cool gila! Saya ini betul2 pun tak sangka. Hahaha.
So exam lepas ni TAK NAK FAIL. So gonna be studying for my own successful life. :) Okay, ni sekejap singgah update blog. Btw, I know my English sooo tungang-langang. At least I tried kan. Thank you. Bubye.
Salam :)

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