Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's about SPM. Cool huh?

Assalamualaikum :)
Okay I don't know why. My boyfriend which gonna seat for SPM this year and his name is amin. Nama pendek sudah kan. Haha
Risau gila about his result :'( Damn, seriously. Lots of boy yang macho ke, tak macho ke apa kan. Kebanyakanya love to waste their time for something that not useful and I don't want my boyfriend to be one of them. I'm the girl who wants a man with education!! No matter what lah kan. My boyfriend is the MACHO man ever. Hehehohohaha. LOL
Okay then, If I want him to be a successful. I want it too. I want a bright future so do him. So we decided to more focus on our study and after SPM we'll enjoy for a while and then be the university student and have a good job! We want to be successful.
His the man that I'd been dreaming for a long time and he is perfect to my eyes. I don't give a shit to those people who says that my boyfriend tak handsome , hitam apa semua. At least I get what I want!
So now, I realize that Form 4 and Form 5 is not a holiday year for me. It's the years that I need to focus on my study and I'm the one who know better about what I want. 
Now for me study is quite fun as you guys can see. Dulu tak suka maths , accounts and ekonomi. Sekarang kalau tak faham, I'll maki2 myself. Haha. For me, "I need to master this". LOL
Okay, so do him. He need to focus on his study cause his gonna be my Inspektor Kesihatan :')
Tak kesah lah orang nak cakap cita-cita dia tu lame ke, tak cool ke. At least dia ada cita-cita dia yang dia nak kejar! Daripada other boys cakap je lebih. Lepak je, belajarnya tak. I don't like that kindda of man.

Okay, I want to be successful so do him.
We are trying our best to be the best and focus in our study.
We want flying colors results!
We want to be respected!
We want to continue study at university!
We want to have good job!
We want to have a good life of ours.

Been with him for 1 year 4 months and 19 days has been a long time without us realize that. Hehe. But, we are trying to be the couple that successful in the future. Being with him is great. Seriously, no doubt about that! No single break up and understand each other. Help each other in studies too,

I want to be a fashion designer and he want to inspektor kesihatan. 
Our life, our decision and our future. So we are the one who decides. Okay! Boii people.

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