Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Trip was FUN!

Today, we went to seremban. We have so much fun there and we enjoy ourself. In the morning on our way to our first destination was at crystal factory. It was amazing!  We can see the way and how they make the crystal and their shaping. After we watched the styffy-muffy, we went to the crystal gallery. But too bad i can't effort to buy anything cause it is expensive for a student for me to buy. I can't afford it! We enjoy ourself there by looking all the crystal there. The people's who do this crystal shaping work, Thumbs up for you guys. :)

Our next destination is at the craft galley. We all had a chance to try out how to make a "RAGA". When i started to do the raga, it's quit difficult,than there's a guy teach me the right way to do it.Si, it's quit easy. We can take back home our raga.  After done doing raga stuff. We get a chance to buy anything that they sell. So, me and the others starts looking around and bought the stuff that we like.

Last Destination, Ostrich farm. WOWWY! Damn fun. We have the chance to feed them and have a ride. It was awesome at the time i had a ride on a ostrich. Haha. Than there's ostrich cosmetic product. I've bought a face wash and i've tried. The result is, my face become softer and it is not bad at all. Oh, the best thing is, I ate ostrich sate. Yummy! it is delicious. Haha. Than we went back home. It is fun enjoying myself with friends and teacher. That's all folks!

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