Monday, October 25, 2010

Something that i didn't expected to happen after PMR

FUHHH!I've done my PMR all 8 papers. On the last day, i thought it's gonna be awesome. What's on my mind is "After PMR nak enjoy puas-puas". But it isn't. I'm so bored and i look like a maniac in the house. For sure i'm not gonna to read books and studying all days. I've trough it already. Haish! What a bored life after PMR!

I sleep, eat, text-ing and online and nothing to do. If i am so RAJIN i'll bake some cupcakes and share it with my friends. I wanna hangout with my friends, but sometimes i feel "Duduk rumah lagi bagos". Arghh! What a life after PMR. So bored, bored and bored. When i go to school. There's no activities that interesting! Hope it's gonna get better tomorrow and so on.

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