Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Dinner with Cikgu Aiza

Cikgu Aiza, Ainaa Atirah, Nur aisyah

Me time tak dek keje

Smoked Salmon Angelhair

(amirul, haziq, echa, ainaa)

Last Friday on 29 october 2010,
Me, Echa, Haziq and Amir went out and have our dinner together with Cikgu Aiza. She is our ex-teacher. We went out around 6 p.mand come back home around 8.30 p.m. Firstly, cik aiza go and fetch amirul and haziq at centrepoint, than she pick me up and than aisyah. On our way to have our 'GREAT DINNER'. We had an argument just because no one knows where to eat until cik aiza stop at a taxi stand and we than we decided to eat at DELICIOUS where's the place that i always go with my family and it it delicious! haha.

Around 6.30 we arrived at ONE UTAMA where's the DELICIOUS place is. Heha. Ok, after cik aiza parked her car. We went in, than we start to argue where's the hell are we all going to eat. We walk around than we decided to go to DELICIOUS again. We have a long distance walk. Than , we went back to the restaurant.

I ordered my favourite, i ordered SMOKED SALMON ANGELHAIR and DEATH ICED BY CHOCOLATE. It is YUMMY! While waiting for our food, we snap some pictures. Hehe. After eating we decided to go back home. It was fun and awesome night we had! ;)

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