Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The pain that remains.

I'm tired to get hurt. I'm tired being left without logic explanation. I'm tired to trust with your lies. I'm tired to forgive. I'm tired to cry. I'm tired to act like there's nothing happen. I'm tired for giving you chances. I'm tired letting you play with my trust and loyalty that I'd been giving for long. I'm tired with all of this bullshit drama's.

I've been suffering for long and what you always do is come and go in my life. Sometimes I wonder. I kept on accepting you because I love you or I just miss our relationship that we used to have. I'm dead inside. There is no more space for you to hurt me. It's full with scars but it's healing slowly. But I will never let you hurt me anymore cause I'm tired with your promises which you don't even fullfill every single of it.

I admit.. 
I miss all our sweet memories we used to have. I miss our conversation which there's no end. I miss the moment when you be my shoulder for me to cry on. I miss the moment you try to make me smile and laugh when I'm down. I just miss US.

You won't understand. You will never will. You said you do. But actually you don't.
Do you know why? Because you're not the one who's being cheated, been treated badly, been left hanging, been lied with sweetest promised that been trusted and lot's more. I'm hurt badly!

the famous word for every single mistake you have done. Sorry won't change anything. It will never heal the heart that been broken. It can't make the pain fade away. It can't change how you feel. It will never be the same. Never...

I always pray for the best for your life. I wish you will change one day. I know you want me back. You kept on telling me that. Reasons I don't accept you back yet is because I just can't trust you like I used to. I can't see the old you. I can't see the honesty and loyalty inside you. I just can't see the good side of you.  It's just to hard.

I'm bewaring myself to make sure I don't fall to you with your words. You are my weakness. I can easily fall cause of you. It was a mistake. I'm trying my best to make sure it won't happen. Hate? I have no reason to hate. You hurt me.. I just dislike your attitude. Hating you won't make anything beter/

Love is something entrusted. So appreciate your love one. 

Assalamualaikum :)

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