Friday, November 30, 2012

7 down! 1 to go.

Woot! woot! 7paper down and I have 1 more to go. Time fly so fast. I'm starting to miss school already :/

7 paper down which is BM, BI, SEJ, MATHS, AGAMA, SCIENCE and SENI are all down! There's one more subject left which is ECONOMY! I can't wait for that! 1 more week, 1 more subject, 2 more paper. I'm out from school for good!

Let me tell ya, I didn't put my 100% effort for SPM cause I'm one lazy ass girl that you'll never know how is my laziness. So yeah, I'm kindda regret now. lol. I don't expect for good grades as I know how did I put my effort for it. But I know I will never get any G. Well, I'm gonna get prepare for economy so I won't fail. Pray for me! All the best for other SPM candidates which still seating for their SPM.
Btw, there's only 3 class for Form 5 which is 5S1, 5A1 and 5A2. 5S1 and 5A2 finished their exam and they'd lived school for good already. 5A1 still waiting for economy. 

Bimillah, I hope I'm fully prepare. Good luck to other SPM candidates. Assalamualaikum :)

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