Monday, October 15, 2012

Again :)

Wake up every morning, and same drama keeps on replaying again and again.
I wonder, why is it this lately I don't care what's gonna happen? I just wait and see. If I get hurt, thats to bad. If I don't get hurt, well lucky me. Love? Well I'm not in a realtionship with anyone but I'm in love with the same guy again and over again. I wonder why? Am I really in love with him, or I just miss the relationship that I used to have with him. Cause now he's changing to what he used to done to me like ignore me and suddenly I knew that he had another girl. Well this time I take it slowly. He can ignore me as he wish. I can do the same too. He can lie to me, but he can't escape cause I know what's happening there even we're having a long distance problem. But it's kindda different than before cause he used to ignore me and be so rough with me. When we're on the phone "I love you" are no longer I can hear from his mouth. But this lately, I'm the one who's no longer use "I love you" . Everytime at the end of the conversation he'll gonna say I love you to me but I just ignore him. Hmm. I don't know why . maybe because he changed and I don't know who the hell is  he now. sincerely , i miss the old him. I don't know how to explain and make him know.  I get hurt to much till I just don't care wht's gonna happen. I just... Hm, confuse maybe. Well, let it all be and I'll just follow the flow :) 
well that's all. I might have lots of typo cuz I'm using something that's not cool to update my blog. hehehe. Assalamualaikum :)

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