Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Solihin Amin, 2 years!

Hello peeps. 
1 day late for update. It suppose to be on February 6th. Well nevermind.
Amin, It's been 2 years knowing you since 2010. We've been trough a lot. Tears and everything. I might be bossy, selfish and ego. I may be the one who you can't take it. Well, it's been 2 years now knowing you. Thick and thin that we've been trough. Lot's of pain had I gain. Lot's of love that I get. I may be the miss trouble and keep doing mistakes. But i felt so touched when you be beside me being patient handling my ego's and that is sweet of you. I may be the one who can't stop put the blame on you and that's my ego that I've just realized. There is one wish and I wish that you will fulfill my wish as I wanted you to change. Please and I know you can. Chances are now infront of you either you realize it or not.  But I kept on saying there's no chances for you but I lied. I want you to realize it by your own. This update is specially update for you. Special for our 2 years. I pray that our love will keep on us on track. There's so many reason that I love you till now.
  • Your face
  • Your smile
  • Your laugh
  • Your Fairytale story
  • Your gedik-gedik
  • Your cuteness
  • Your way treating me
  • Your way to advice me
  • Your way loving me
Eh banyak lah! Senaraikan boleh buat karangan. LOL. Okay, let us pray together to make sure that we keep on track. Hehe. Let us both change and make this relationship better! I love you no mater how you look or everything. No mater what, I am here with you for everything. Believe me :) Let us change! Let us keep on track and be happy! 2 years knowing you is AWESOME! I love you.