Monday, April 18, 2011

What's up?

Okay, What's up guys?
Yeah, I know that it's been long that  I have not  update my blog.
Oh, BTW, I'm a broken english girl. So deal with it!
I'll be using english + bahasa melayu.
To those peeps which talk bad about my english usage or anything about me.
Seriously, I don't care and BACK OFF!
Btw it's my life. Not yours. :) 
Get it now?
Okay, dah lama tak update :)
So, yeah. Here I'm infront of the laptop updating ma blog.
Today? Hmm, jadual kelas dah tukar.
Cikgu sejarah pun tukar, it's quit boring today.
Oh, in english class. We need to like invent a machine.
Just from our imagination and that time was great! hehe.
Okay, that's all. My next life story gonna be continue.
Bye *gonna be continue/

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