Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm just so exhausted.

Netball everyday. Penat gila -.-
Serious homework apa semua tak siap sebab netball.
Malam tak ada energy untuk buat benda lain kecuali tidur.
Yeah, :( 
Teruk kan? Hmm. Nak wat macam mana.
Anyway, Dapat wakil bola jaring.
AWESOME! Me loikeeee! 
Hehe. So training macam nak tercabut kaki, terstop jantung and pengsan.
Haha.Oh my position is Centre which need to be everywhere. 
Need to build up my stamina!
Hehe, btw. Peoples in the court gonna see my face everywhere. So comel *perasan.
haha, cause I need to be everywhere like I had mention just now.
Yeah, that's all.
I'm just so exited for this 12/4 or 13/4. :)

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