Tuesday, August 6, 2013

UiTM Machang!

Sorry for being M.I.A for more than a month now. As I'm busy with my studies. No more complaining , high school days are over! Obviously I need to be more triple serious than before. blurgh, I wish!

June 23rd, 2013. The day I registered as UiTM machang's student. Alhamdulillah everything turns out well. Its been more than a month now. It's quit difficult for me at first cause I hardly understand kelantan dialect . Well I hardly understand em' till now. Lol. Btw. my course is Information Management and yeah the studies are not as easy as the school days. Two times harder I think . I'm taking 6 subjects and yes I admit all of the subjects is not as easy as I think. So enough talking... So here are some pictures :D

UiTM Machang 

Okay ni gambar dekat block D *picture from google*

If I'm not mistake, this is from THO's college


Well, I tried to google TDM's college which is my college. tak jumpa pulak. lol

Sempat took one picture dalam kelas

Ni muka tak mandi, zaman krisi air. lol

Glad that I have my ex schoolmate here! Introduce you , this is Sola

Me with le my MekNab. Okay her name is nabila. Kecil orangnya, cute bila kecek kelantan and she's funny.

Meet Fuzz. Haha. She talk so loud like me. *High Five*

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