Monday, September 24, 2012

What's going on now?

Hello readers (kalau ada)...
Seems it's been long that I left this blog of mine and be nested. Sorry, I'm so busy this lately. Well right now I'm busying myself with my studies as we know that SPM is just around the corner. Actually, I'm doing my form 5 history revision now, but I take a few minutes for this new short update cause I suddenly missing my blog. Hehe. Okay so gedik. Lots of thing happend but what I can say is that I'm just happy with my life and I'm going through my life with big smile of mine! That's a positive feedback aite? Trial passed and waiting for SPM. You know this SPM jitters feeling and this "not ready for SPM" mood is still on. okay that's negative. I can see myself is improving then before cause it's seems that I'm getting better in my studies and I actually improved a lot. Wow me! Okay i'm off with my books now. Will be update after SPM. Thank you. Bye, Assalamualaikum :3

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