Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello people. how are you? its been long from my last update. well readers,this update might be like so last year. ehm, but i still want to update it. haha.

okay last saturaday iaitu pada 23/6/12 ada hari puteri. It was fun! All pink you ollz. haha. Then ada macam-macam pertandingan. Well my school hantar wakil untuk 5 pertandingan. 1st Dikir Barat which budak form 4,3 and i dont know. Haha. Untuk buku log, my bestfriend emilia gedik. Haha. Then untuk pidato, the miss terror BM girl which is Nor Mahizan. untuk tilawah al-quran budak form3 i think and me for cake decoration cake :D

oh yezzz. it was like a history. Haha. For dikir barat we won for saguhati. Tilawah Al-Quran we won for 3rd place. Buku log, 2nd place. Piadato 1st place. Me won for 1st place. So me and mahizan are going to wakil the negeri lah u ollz. haha. Dua-dua cuak. i don't like lah this feeling. no good! haha.

No pictures for this update. sorry, insyaAllah i'll upload it soon. tq :) bye

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