Saturday, May 5, 2012


Life is what everyone is going trough. Time passes by. We are lucky that we have people who love us surrounding us, and some of them just don't feel grateful for that. Don't you ever think about the others which they lost people they love the most. Well even if there is no one for us. There's Allah will always be beside us. Other religion, different races and etc. They have their own believing towards their own religion. Life is hard? Why should we complain. God giving us lots of conjecture. People go trough life with lots of happiness and pain. Don't care if their rich or not. We all are the same. 

Me, I, Ainaa Atirah. I'm the talkative type, I talk non-stop if you dare, I laugh till tears come out, I dance randomly without noticing. But I do have secrets and everyone does too. Have you heard of the most talkative people who looks happy most of the time is the person who been hurts the most? Yes, I may look this happy maniac all time kinnda girl. But no one knows how inside of me, who I really am behind the fake happiness. I just try my best to not care, but this mind keep on replay the same things again and again and I kept on flashing back the past and remembering people who'd hurt me. I'm a sensitive type, Sometimes I feel tired cause everyone around me keep hurting me and no one understand me. Oh well, life is like a story. We are the one who write it. We are the one who create it. Life is easy , just forget the past. Even the past hurt you, make all those scars in your heart to make you stronger to go trough life. 

Me, you, everyone. GO ON! Don't give up in your life. Failure make us learn. Been left by make us independent. You people and I are all the same. We are humans with feelings. Don't let other people take you down. Don't look back just move on. If you're happy with your life now, keep on with it. If you're not, try to find the way that will make you happy. Life is short. Make it worth it. But, don't forget Allah in your life. Let people say you are fake cause remembering Allah. They're not a god. Remember that! They're not a god! They don't know your heart, they will never know. But Allah know. Let them say anything bad about you. They try to take you down, what you need to do is prove that you don't give any piece of shit of your time about what they say.

Don't let people around you keep hurting you. Choose the right person to be with. You might meet the wrong person first. But you'll fine the right one next. Wait and be patient. Go trough life and love your life. Your life, is all about you. Your life, your story. Don't let other people change it. Be yourself. 

Assalamualaikum :)

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