Thursday, April 19, 2012


Oh Em Gee (OMG!) . It's been like century this blog have not been update. Kesian blog ni. Oh ya, well as you guys know, eh kalau korang tahu lah :p Imma one of SPM candidates this year. Chill2. Ehm, apa yang nak dicakapkan ni, I can feel the SPM trial jitters, apa lagi SPM jitters. Very the jittery. Well, in this form 5 year. There's like so many motivator came to school and talk about "Halatuju selepas SPM". From Taylor's college and etc. Ambition? Yes, we need to aim what subject that can bring us to our "dream ambition". We should start it from now. Kita ni banyak sangat kemahuan. Jadi pilih betul-betul bidang apa kita minat. My first ambition when I was in primary school was...


Highschool life,change my mind and I wanted to be a ....


In form 4 I change and wanna be ....


Okay, hasrat jadi lawyer tu sampai sekarang ada. Lawyer ni ada macam-macam jenis. Bukan kalau lawyer je, semua kena masuk court. Aku pun tak tahu sangat pasal this thing and since my cousin pun nak jadi lawyer. We decided to study together at the same place. YAY! Haha. Dulu pun penah hasrat ambil course dekat Universiy like my mom "Mass communication". My mom end up now jadi, Assistance Vice President and part time lecture. Kadang-kadang ada rasa nak jadi business man which my dad dah jadi CEO dekat this one syarikat. Kadang-kadang nak like politic which my aunty sekrang dah jadi Timbalan Menteri and bla3. I wish to be like them. Pangkat tinggi, hidup mewah, have happy family. Well I discussed with my mom I want to take Law and she told me work hard for it and dont' disappoint yourself. BUT! Mana lah tahu after SPM tak nak law tiba-tiba. My second choice is Event Marketing. Since aku ni banyak cakap, I need to find a work yang aku boleh banyak cakap. So you guys, kena pilih your future job yang korang boleh rasa enjoy and you don't regret sampai tua. That's all. Assalamualaikum :) 

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