Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cross-Country 2012

Hello peeps. Last Friday on 2nd March 2012, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (2) had Cross-Country day. Yay! It was fun, havoc and happening. Well, i'm such a lazy bum-bum girl. So I joined the checkpoint crew whatever . I brought my camera along and being a freelance photographer and i'm so happy when Emilia told me that teacher asked me either I want to be school photographer or not and for sure I want! Bla3. Okay done. So we had so much fun. Then Cikgu Hanapi suruh saya jadi whatever tolong bagi madle oh plus the trophy you olzz! Haha. Oh ya, jaga checkpoint with emilia, pn mastura and cik nik. Seronok, macam-macam kerenah ada. Haha :D
Well I'm gonna share with you guys some pictures that been taken.

Pagi waktu beratur untuk ambil kupon makanan yang free. Cool. Haha

Ni budak perasan dua orang. Amirul and Haziq

Me with Soraya. Dia mix like me. Dia chinese malay and me japanese malay.

The checkpoint 2 girls.
On the way jaga checkpoint

Blue scarf, Puan Munira. Brown scarf Cik Nik.

The young photographer.
Lari jangan tak lari. haha

Makan time . McDonald :)

The teachers yang posing maut. lol

Lepak di canteen 

The ladies yang pantang nampak cermin. haha
Cool purple house people. 

Saya yang bergitu serious. lol

Membawa piala dengan serious lagi.

Dia purple house n menang number 1. Dia form 1 and sangat tinggi. Dia wakil negeri netball time sekolah rendah ok! haha

Okay dah banyak share gambar. Thanks people for reading.
Bye Assalamualaikum

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