Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why can't I?

To change to be a better person is what all I'd wanted. I wish everyday to be better than yesterday. Life goes on. We just can't go back to our past. Sometimes i felt like i'm an idiot, what a stupid mistakes and stupid wasted of time i'd done. Fight with my seniors, hang out while doing nothing and etc. There's nothing that I can proud of from it. What  goes around comes around. I felt that way and been trough it already. What the hell ? How stupid am I in my own past. Well, all of my mistakes is a lesson for me. Allah make me go trough all this for me to learn about life.  To learn to be a friend and not enemies and etc. This is a big world i'm living in and this is a big deal. Future is in my hand. Once I spoil it, it will never change and it will stay like that.
Everyone one a bright future by their own and so do I. SPM is near and i'm dealing my first step of my future. I want to be a lawyer. I kept on saying this to my mom and I hope to achieve it. Well I know, without hardworking and a big heart. Accepting people advice , try to stay away from my ego's and else. SPM is near, one step to future, a big deal need to be deal. Allah help me. Open my heart, make me a big heart . Give me a bright future please! Amin!

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