Monday, December 12, 2011

Love are like drugs

Assalamualaikum semua. 
New entry people. Let's read! Haha. 

Dear people. Okay dah lama tak update blog! Hehe. Suddenly blog macam dilupakan. Sorry bloggy. Now I miss you, so i'm here for you now. Well all ladies wanna a happy ending love story kan? Me too! Happy ending like a fairy tales story. Well what I had watched all the fairy tales movies before, semua macam suffering from one thing for so long then baru dapat kebahagiaan. So semua kalau tak suffer dulu korang tak ada happy ending! Haha, kk tipu. Everyone have their own story in their love story and I hope mine will be a happy ending :D

People look at this! Haha, lol. Ni waktu me and him celebrate our 1 years 10 months. Ohohohoho. Well we had so much fun. Pagi around 10:30 arrived pergi beli ticket. Jalan jauh, lol. Pukul 11 lebih habis beli ticket. wayang 11.30 then pergi karaoke 3 lagu then pergi tengok wayang. Around 1 something habis pergi makan. Then this boy nak WINDOW SHOPPING  and me too. Tak ada duit. Haha. Then tengok ombak rindu pukul 3. Habis tu lepak coffee bean sampai balik. Haha. keluar dua orang je. Uwww, ahmazingnyooo. Haha. Okay that's all peeps. May you and your boyfriend/girlfriend happy forever and ever and ever. Haha.
Salam <3

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