Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Assalamualaikum and how's your day today :)


Okay I have a boyfriend name Amin as what I had mention so many time before. Well our relationship began on last February 6 2010 at school.  Well I am delightful to tell that this guy name "Amin" is one of the greatest person in my life. We fight a lot, we laugh a lot, we cry a lot, we went random a lot. He is older one year then me and shows that his 17 right now and I'm 16. He taking his SPM this year. I am so proud of myself that I can keep my credit last long :D My boyfriend busying with his study and I have no one to text or call. Before this RM 10 credits can last for 2 days and now my credits last more than one week. Now i still have RM 7 ++ credit. LOL. He text me when he have his free time everyday. Hehe. Oh I can't wait to meet him this December 7. Well our 1 year 10 months anniversary is on December 6 but he finish his last paper on that day. It's okay. I can wait. Well I miss to meet him.  I have lots of story to share. I'll wait for that day. 

If there's any typing error, I'm Sorry for that. 
Bye. Nights. salam <3