Thursday, September 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum and well , apa khabar semua :)

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Hello people. Okay today I would like to share my opinion about judging someone. Me as a human being don't like to be judge! I have my own ego and I always think that I'm right in everything. But let me tell ya, If I change and I can see that myself is improving to getting better, but for you, you feel pissed off. Please understand that I have my own way of living my life. I think that I'm always right and I always stand up by my two feet and keep thinking that I'm right! BUT! Other people might think slightly different with me and they think that I'm wrong. Please don't lie that you've been in this situation. A situation where you think you are right and people around you are judging you. Actually yes, people always think that they are right. But they don't realize with their own mistakes even though people around you are talking about your mistakes! If you guys have twitter. There's a lot of quotes there where you can find. I don't remember exactly the quotes , but it sounds like this "Karma is only for bitches". Let the past be past! But wait, do you think that we need to recall all the past and call it as karma even though you are getting a better life ? Well, for me karma is what we get back after doing something bad to people. But in our past we did something wrong and now we are having a good life. It's meant that we have change and if we recall back it is just a lesson for us and don't call them as karma. Yes I do believe in Karma which I can't deny. I may be heartless. I might be see to not care. But actually all the judge that been made for me, I'll think about it like a thousand time and by the judge,if  I realize that I'm wrong . I'll try to change as it can make myself better. What I've just updated at facebook just now  I may have my own way to judge you. But I am not the one who should judge. Allah knows the truth, let Allah do his work. Let my unsatisfied feeling be silence as it will be the best way. You may think you are right, other might thing you were wrong. People will always think their self right. But, actually mistakes that been made just not been realized. Just let Allah determine it. . Well people have their own opinion like I do. I believe in Allah, I believe that every human have they own way of life that Allah determine. We as human just need to Tawakal and believe that whatever happen to us, there's a reason.

Salam, nights

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