Thursday, September 15, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S :)

well people. Today the entries gonna be about my friends! :)
Well, i never expected that my friends will be this supportive to me. In everything that I've been trough. They will be always besides me trough fun and pain. The most unbelievable things is, the one that never cross my mind that they will be there hearing my story were there. My best friend since I was small being besides me, hearing one by one words that came out from my mouth. The craziest friends that never been serious were serious and knew how I feel and try to make me feel better. My friends that I've knew over a year were trying her best to help me. The craziest boy that I had never share anything to him and I've shared and so unexpected that he were besides me , hear my story and try to make me laugh so I can feel much better. The girl who don't even care about 'love' were in front of me and giving me advice. The one that I missed cause she changed to other school were hugging me and hear my stories. Like my best friend said "Kau hilang boyfriend tapi kau tak hilang kawan" and my other friend said "benda boleh sattle. Kau buat apa yang patut then kau fikir kan lah" and lots more. Sometimes I'm feeling so heartless cause I can't feel anything deep inside. It was like nothing that I should care. There is no sadness, happinest , fun, being crazy and being angry. It was like nothing. Like an empty paper. I am confused with what i felt. Am I angry? Am I happy? Oh yes, i'm heartless. Why? I don't even know where's my feelings go. Is it with me and I couldn't find it or I am lost in my own life. So sometimes I'm heartless and sometimes uncontrol mood begin. Now kita buat lek buat cool. Benda boleh sattle bai. Apa susah en? -.- Dialog2. Dialog pengaruh kawan memang best lah. K dah start merepek meraban, Boiii <3 

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