Sunday, August 14, 2011

One fine day :)

Past few weeks, kat sekolah belajar  literature kat sekolah and about FRUITCAKE SPECIAL.
Okay dalam kelas like focus gila sebab cerita dia best. 5 STAR! I'm giving it 5star. Best teramat. Cehh, haha. Okay one fine day *berangan, I wish and I know I'll have my own fragrance that inspired by me! Pergi tempat prefume, mix this and that than KA-BOOM! The fragrance born! LOL. haha. 
Then dalam kelas hari tu cikgu suruh buat perfume and it's from our imagination untuk ingredients dia and my one will be call...
Ingredients :
-Fairy dust *berglitter gitu. Blink2.Haha.
-Strawberry essence 
-Blueberry essence
-vanilla essence
-Lavender petals *cool kalau dalam perfume ada benda ni
-A little bit of water

Most important thing is this BERRYLICIOUS is ALCOHOL free. Wee-hoo. And berangan botol dia something like this .....

COMELNYEWW *rempit pula -.- Haha.

Lebih kurang macam ni lah. AH-MAZING like OHH MAA GOSH!
Okay, one fine day. My BERRYLICOUS will be nation wide. WOW! Haha. Wish me luck in life. Amin.

That's all, boiii <3

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