Friday, July 1, 2011

My make up :)

Assalamualaikum and how u guys doing?
*boleh jadi mak andam tak? Lol :D
Hye people, okay ni nak cerita pasal make up.
For some certain girls don't like make up. But for me, I LOVE MAKE UP. Hehe.
So see the picture above? Yeah, my make up stuff. Banyak2 pon bukan semua guna. LOL.

Make up tips from the internet :
1. For starters, even out your skin tone with foundation.Apply it with a sponge or your finger -- dab, don't smear.
2. For a soft, defined brow, fill in spaces with shadow that matches your hair, then brush into shape.
3. For a hint of shimmer on the eyes, highlight with loose powder and spread out to your face too.
4. Curl the lashes three times -- first from the tip of your lash, second mid-lash, and third at the root.
5. Put on mascara. Swipe from the root of your lashes and work toward the ends. Do both top and bottom lashes.
6. On the apples of the cheeks, sweep with blush. Use the colour that looks nice at your skin!
7. To give skin a natural glow, spread out a little bit of loose powder
8. On the lips, go with sheer and put your lipstick on
9.  Put lip gloss on.

My make up tips :
1. Put concealer around your eyes area.
2. Spread out loose powder all over your face. (skin colour loose powder)
3. Spread out using compact powder (make sure it's the sama with your skin colour)
4. Blusher on your chick. Don't put to much or you'll look like a clown.
5. Dap loose powder and use blusher brush to spread it out
6. Put eye shadow at your eyelid. Base on the situation. *if you are out for a grand dinner, make your eyes look glam 
7. Eyeliner around your eyelid, from thin to thick.
8. Apply your lipstick on.
9. Then put some lip gloss on top.

Now you are done! Banyak sebenarnya tutorial and tips for make up. 
But up to you nak ikut yang mana. Ikut yang mana senang, fun and easy :)
Okay, that's all. Boii <3

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