Monday, July 25, 2011

Dying Studying :/

Salam everyone :)


Okay , This August 1st, 2nd and 3rd is the exam day :/
Form 4 subjects is not something EASY but something that can BLOW YOUR MIND UP!
Sometimes you can be "I'm blank" or like "Okay whatever, I don't understand" and sorts on. Same goes to me. Monolog with myself is what keep happening to me :D 
LOL! So last week busy with School Carnival Days and this is the only week that I can study. Haha.
So I don't wanna waste my time. So i'm not gonna update my blog for this whole week and next week Wednesday cause I'm having my exam this Monday till Wednesday and this week is "BLOW MY MIND UP WEEK". 
Ada bab kata OMPUTIH "Burn the midnight oil" something like that lah. Dah tak ingat dah -.- Noob me!
Haha, so minggu ni BOOKS gonna be my BFF. Haha, like seriously? Buku my bestfriend? Tak apa lah, minggu ni sahaja.
Eh! Eh! Eh! Apa ni merepek, Books suppose to be my bestfriend FOREVER cause they'll guide me to my future. So yeah, besides my HUMAN best friends, Books gonna be the same too. 
Aww,suddenly I'm appreciating all those books. SUDDENLY okay without anyone forcing me around to love books. Haha.
Okay, sekarang otak nak pecah belajar :) 
Asyik ngantok memanjang. Wajib lah nak tidur sepanjang masa. Di rumah mahupun di sekolah. Sekali baring terlelap terus :D Hahaha.
Okay, lawak-lawak! (tetiba je)
kk, enough. Nak off and make love with books than SLEEP like what I always do.Bye peeps.

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