Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have a BIG DREAM

Assalamualaikum and what's up yaww?

I'm a girl which is 16 this year and I am one of the girl in earth with a big dream :)
I want to be a successful woman in a few years time. I want to make everyone and the world proud of me! I want to be one of the young successful young woman. I want to make my parent's proud cause having me as their daughter and my successful life as their gift cause take care of me since I was born :')
My dream is I want to continue study at one of the university and If I have a chance I would like to continue my study at Paris :p
I want to be a Fashion Designer and also a business woman too. I want to open a bakery store where people can go buy something sweet to eat and Yummy!
I want to be a Fashion Designer that be known well by people around the earth and also I want my Bakery store to be international :)
I have 1 year and the half from now for me to determine myself if I could enter "U" and I can take a break for a few months and when I'm at the university, that is the place that I will struggling for my own goods :) So, I'll be the one who burns the midnight oil studying.! 
Once fail, doesn't mean that I'm gonna fail forever! Yes, I do fail A LOT in my exam. But this upcoming exam. I'll try my best and I'm gonna get a good grade! 
That's all. Okay, I'm late for my date with studies. Boii <3

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