Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OMAGOSH! I'm using line now :)

Okay, now i'm using line for my phone. To my beloved friend. I don't use 014 no more. Now i'm using 012. I'm so exited. But WAIT!!!! I'm scared if i use it over limit. Cause my limit is Rm150.00. Okay banyak tu. Kalau asyik call je macam mana nak berjimat? pfft. Haha. Call orang pun cuak kalau over limit. Mati kene sembelih nanti *kononnya*. maybe kena marah je. Hehe. So sekarang call paling lama pon 20 minint. Call the beloved one of course. Haha

Okay, new phone number and new phone. AWESOME! Make some change i think. Make my world PINK! Maybe. Haha. That's all. Bye2

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