Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bla.. Bla.. Bla..


Hari ini hari yang memboringkan walaupun siang tadi keluar sekejap. Cite die boring lah. Duduk rumah je tiap2 hari. BORING! BORING! BORING! Benci betul. Stay at home and do nothing! :'(
Waiting for him to text me? Hmm, haram nak text. Busy, busy,busy! Okay, this time you are busy.!  Next year you gonna take your SPM, You are gonna be so damn busy. Than after your SPM you gonna to work. Than that time i'm gonna seat for my SPM and i don't have time for you. Then when i'm working after SPM. I'm busy with my work and you're gonna be busy with your study. Sometimes i don't know if you understand me? Hmm, just hoping this holiday you have time for me! Can't you imagine our future from now. Don't straight and think when we've grad from our studies. Think before it! Do this way that you take is the best way? I think this is not the right way! I'm scared of telling you and i keep saying that it's okay. But deep inside, this thing HURTS me so badly. I just wanna you to know it from deep inside. You ask me to understand you, but do you understand me? I miss you like crazy. But just think forward please. Okay :)

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