Thursday, November 25, 2010

It was fun with you guys :)

Okay, dua hari berturut-turut telah saya menghabiskan masa bersama cousins saya. It was fun :)

I love you guys. Isnin malam selasa tidur di rumah cousins. Tomorrow around 9 to 10 we went out to batang berjuntai cause my cousins need to register something like that at unisel and than we went to somewhere i don't remember that place name. Haha. Than we went back to batang berjuntai, while my cousin went and see her lecture, me and my other cousins went to like a bazaar and we bought ice blended. It's HOT there. On our way home. We went to kayak first. I was scared, i'm just scared if i fall and drown eventhough i wear a safety jacket. Hehe

The next day, after my cousin have her checked up at hospital selayang. She picked me up at my house and went to shah alam. First, we went to PKNS cause my cousin wanna buy a book there. Then, my cousin and i have a look at scarf store. It was awesome. Haha. Then went to sacc mall and just hang around there. From there we went to Giant cause my other cousins waiting for us there. We just hanging around, eat and what so ever. Ngeh. Than that's a weight reader and if put 20 cent in it. The thing will give u like a paper and let u know your weight is and there's a fortune. So, everyone was happy after have our fortune card. Haha. That's all :)

*broken english. I know that. :)*

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